Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Radical Creativity of the Gorilla Girls!

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Creativity has many faces. Everyone can access their creativity to help solve problems, see different perspectives and feel more confident about trying new things. Creative minds are open (and messy!) and want to shape the world around them. Enabling your confident creativity lets you make the most of your experiences and be prepared to learn from mistakes as part of the process. But what about artists? Visual and preforming artists whose self-expression and probing minds create works of art that make us rethink who we are and what we stand for? Those radical creatives who challenge the status quo and, at the same time, our values. more “Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate the Radical Creativity of the Gorilla Girls!”

What You Never Knew About Introverts!

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Have you heard of Susanne Cain’s Quiet Revolution?

While doing some research for our book, I came across her intriguing work; Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Ms Cain is an activist, bestselling author, a former corporate lawyer and a self-described introvert. She claims that 1/3 to 1/2 of the population, or one-out-of-two or three people you know, are introverts!  That’s huge! A kind of quiet minority! more “What You Never Knew About Introverts!”

Der Island-Effekt – 3 Dinge, Die Wir Über Teamarbeit Lernen Können

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Waren Sie auch so überrascht, als der Fußballzwerg Island das Favoritenteam aus England im Achtelfinale aus dem Turnier der Fußball Europameisterschaft geworfen hat? Aber warum war die halbe Welt eigentlich so erstaunt? Nach welchen Maßstäben hat man denn im Vorfeld beurteilt, welches wohl das erfolgreichere Team sein würde? more “Der Island-Effekt – 3 Dinge, Die Wir Über Teamarbeit Lernen Können”

How the French Artist Fernand Léger Uses “Harassment” to Make Monumental Art

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“Let us take the time in this fast and ever-changing life which harasses us and tears us to pieces; to have the strength to remain slow and calm. To work outside the elements of disintegration that surrounds us. To comprehend life in it slow and calm sense. The work of art requires a temperate climate in order to develop fully. In this heightened tempo which is the law of life, to determine fixed points to hold onto them and to slowly work on the achievement of the future”

Fernand Léger – Das Figürliche Werk

Isn’t it stunning that these words were written at the beginning of the last century! more “How the French Artist Fernand Léger Uses “Harassment” to Make Monumental Art”

“For a Better Day” or The Shape of Things to Come

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Our JoinCreativePeople book project is no longer just an idea or project. Like something to talk about at cocktail parties … but a many interviews later, we have a book blueprint with a table of contents, a publishing contract (with the mid-sized, distinguished publisher Schäffer-Poeschel) and even a deadline for turning in the manuscript (October 1 – ouch!). more ““For a Better Day” or The Shape of Things to Come”

Why I Learned to Love My Messy Mind

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My mind leaks. No, gross stuff does not drip out! But according to creativity scholar Scott Barry Kaufmann, leaky sensors mean that some brains don’t filter out as much irrelevant stuff from their surroundings as others. Distraction is a result. And now the real surprise: these distractions can actually help inspire more creative insights. more “Why I Learned to Love My Messy Mind”

Partyspaß Digitalisierung

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Wenn das Gespräch auf einer Party das Thema Digitalisierung streift, dann wird es so richtig lebendig unter den Gästen. Denn natürlich hat jeder eine qualifizierte Meinung dazu, was die Ver-Smart-phonung mit uns allen heute und in Zukunft anstellen wird. more “Partyspaß Digitalisierung”